At Stonehouse Accountants, we design and implement in-house online bookkeeping solutions. Our specialist bookkeeping team can also assist your business with the preparation of quarterly VAT returns and payroll and subcontractors tax/deduction payments which will fully comply with HM Revenue and Customs statutory requirements.

At our Accountants in Peterborough, our basic bookkeeping services focus on dealing with all HM Revenue and Customs routine bookkeeping enquiries, inspections and PAYE audits on behalf of each client. Therefore, we remove the stress and strain from your shoulders as you know everything is being dealt with by professional bookkeepers.

Our previous clients who have chosen to outsource their basic bookkeeping to our Peterborough accountants have considered it elemental to their business’ success and rarely ever return to handling bookkeeping services themselves again.
So, why continue with managing your own basic bookkeeping when you can get an experienced local accountant in Peterborough to do it for you? If you are interested in hearing more about any of our basic bookkeeping, VAT, PAYE or CIS services, don’t hesitate to contact Stonehouse Accountants today on 01733 265888.





Payroll Service

Stonehouse Accountants can provide its clients with a comprehensive payroll service and subcontractor’s tax deduction service for 1 to 100 employees, directors and subcontractors as and when required.

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