At our accountants based in Peterborough, we will assist you in completing and filing your Inland Revenue self assessment tax return which also includes the preparation of property rent statements and capital gains tax computations. Our tax experts always ensure this is completed in good time and subsequently check, appeal, postpone and agree your Inland Revenue tax return calculation and statement of account. As well as ensuring your tax returns assessments are done in no time, our accountants in Peterborough will also ensure HM Revenue and Customs trip-wires for deadline fines, penalties, surcharges and interest are avoided at all costs.

We understand how easy it can be as a busy business owner so you miss important tax return or self assessment deadlines. This is why at our Peterborough-based accountants, we can assure you will not incur any avoidable fines or penalties, while also taking away the stress and strain of having to read the map and navigate yourself through the potentially hazardous self assessment tax return of Inland Revenue.

Our tax return assessment specialists can deal with all HM Revenue & Customs routine self assessment income tax enquiries, letters and inspections on behalf of our clients. Therefore, rest assured the stress and strain of tax returns of Inland Revenue will be removed from your shoulders as every step is dealt with by us.

Stonehouse Accountants in Peterborough has over 30 years of experience in guiding businesses based in the Cambridgeshire area and beyond with their tax and Inland Revenue self assessments. So, you can be sure that we will seek out every last penny of tax savings for you so you can invest further into benefitting your business.





Sole Trader Tax

Stonehouse Accountants is experienced in sole trader tax and subcontractor annual accounts preparation, planning and advising existing small and medium sized business’ with turnover from £10k all the way up to, and beyond transfer of a sole trader business to a private limited company.

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