Americans Feeling Tax Hike Hits

According to a payroll tax poll, many Americans are now feeling the hit of recent tax hikes under the Obama administration.

Smaller Paychecks Due To The Tax Hike

A majority of working Americans, according to a You Gov and Huffington Post poll, claim that they are noticing smaller paychecks after the payroll tax cut expired earlier this year. A majority of those who have said that they have seen a pay decrease have also blamed it openly on the tax hike.

The American Public Have Noticed Increasing Taxes

56% of Americans in the survey said that they have noticed taxes withheld from their paychecks increasing throughout the last few months of this year. Another 21% of Americans have said that their paychecks have in fact stayed the same, and less than 10% of Americans say that they weren’t sure how much their tax bills had actually changed. Looking at the figures, it’s pretty noticeable that the tax hikes have not gone down too well with the general working American public.

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