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5 reasons why you need an accountant for a limited company

Whether you have recently set up a limited company or you have been managing your finances independently until now, hiring an accountant to help manage your limited company’s finances can efficiently help you elevate your business. Accountants can play a vital role in the success of a business. Although many small limited companies choose to […]

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Why Do Some Entrepreneurs & SMEs Fail In The First 2 Years?

When Starting A New Business, Eight Out Of Ten Will Fail Before They Even Make It To The First Three Years… Read On If You’d Like To Know What You Can Do To Prevent This. Entering into the world of business can be a challenge and the last thing anyone wants to focus on during […]

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Conservatives are rattled by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

The born republican Jeremy Corbyn has caused quite a stir in the political world. He has rattled the conservatives ever since he became the new leader of the Labour party, with his views and policies championing for the middle and working class. He addresses the issues of inherited wealth and inequality and has a strong […]

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Conservatives may Raise Inheritance Tax Threshold to £1m

The hugely unpopular “death tax” may be overhauled, making it fairer for those living down south, and ensuring that wealthier people won’t be the only ones to benefit. The current one-size-fits-all policy means that those living in areas with higher valued houses are paying much more inheritance tax, as higher house prices  often push their […]

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UKIP set to unveil income tax reforms in party conference

UKIP is set to unveil far-reaching reforms to income tax – with those earning as much as £55,000 set to pay 35p of tax for every £1, instead of 40p. Led by Nigel Farage, the controversial party has received a surge of popularity recently. On Friday, it is set to announce that it would raise […]

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G20 in joint efforts to shut international loopholes

Bad news for multinational corporations may be on the horizon. New rules from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development could mean that online giants such as Amazon and Google will be forced to disclose where their profits were made, and where their taxes were paid. This could lead to the many loopholes in tax […]

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How would tax rates be affected by Scottish independence?

The story that has been on everybody’s lips has been Scottish independence – and whether there’s a Yes or a No vote, there could be tax changes afoot. If Scotland decides to go it alone, Holyrood would be able to decide its own income tax rates, not to mention VAT and corporation tax. Lowering the […]

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HMRC ‘should be banned from misleading Parliament’

HMRC has been accused of misleading Parliament, its MPs and the public after it inaccurately suggested it was collecting billions of pounds in extra taxes. One expert, Sir Andrew Dilnot, wants the taxman to be banned from confirming how much revenue it collects in the wake of the scandal. In the 2011/12 tax year, as […]

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By 2033, one in three of us will pay 40p tax rate

In its latest forecast, the OBR said that more than 9 million people could be landed with the 40 per cent tax rate, with a further 1.7 million losing 45% of their earnings. This is on the assumption that their respective thresholds continue to rise along with inflation. In an interview with The Telegraph, the […]

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Public Favour Merger of Income Tax and NI

Research by PwC suggests that a merger of income tax and national insurance would get widespread public support. The research was carried out with the help of a representative group of 22 members of the public. Following the research, PwC have set a number of recommendations for reform of the UK’s tax system before government. […]

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