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How Easy Is It To Change Accountants?

Your accountant plays an instrumental role in your business. From providing financial projections to handling your tax returns on time, an accountant can have a dramatic effect on the day-to-day running of your business – and its future growth prospects. Pick the right accountant and you’ll be setting yourself up for success. Pick the wrong […]


Is It Time to Change Accountants?

Accountants are important to the functioning and profitability of a business, whether that is a startup or a limited company. Not only are they crucial in helping businesses run as efficiently and effectively as possible, but they also help to achieve it from a tax and compliance perspective. So, when it comes to deciding whether […]

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Scottish Families will see £700 Million of Cuts

Between 200,000 and 250,000 families in Scotland will be facing almost £700 million of cuts to their tax credits under the new budget plans for the UK Government. Families who have more than two children will no longer receive tax credits for any subsequent children under these fundamental welfare changes. The income level which people […]

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Conservatives may Raise Inheritance Tax Threshold to £1m

The hugely unpopular “death tax” may be overhauled, making it fairer for those living down south, and ensuring that wealthier people won’t be the only ones to benefit. The current one-size-fits-all policy means that those living in areas with higher valued houses are paying much more inheritance tax, as higher house prices  often push their […]

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David Cameron promises sweeping tax reforms

During a well-received speech at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, David Cameron has promised a personal income tax allowance for £12,500, and to raise the 40p tax threshold to £50,000. The Prime Minister said that the move would mean that most minimum wage workers would pay no tax whatsoever. Some 30 million taxpayers would […]

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UKIP set to unveil income tax reforms in party conference

UKIP is set to unveil far-reaching reforms to income tax – with those earning as much as £55,000 set to pay 35p of tax for every £1, instead of 40p. Led by Nigel Farage, the controversial party has received a surge of popularity recently. On Friday, it is set to announce that it would raise […]

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How would tax rates be affected by Scottish independence?

The story that has been on everybody’s lips has been Scottish independence – and whether there’s a Yes or a No vote, there could be tax changes afoot. If Scotland decides to go it alone, Holyrood would be able to decide its own income tax rates, not to mention VAT and corporation tax. Lowering the […]

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Entrepreneurs To Get Taxes In Order As Self-Employment Hits Record

The Self Employed Will Have To Pay Income Tax Professionals who are going self-employed for the first time are being warned to make sure that they are fully prepared to pay tax. The number of people who work for themselves is at a record high in Britain – with 4.5 million now proud to call […]

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HMRC plans to tighten offshore tax evasion

A new criminal offence is being considered by HMRC, which would see offshore tax evaders face tougher sanctions when they try to conceal their wealth. However, most of these cases would be dealt with via civil means. The taxman has launched a new consultation which targets those who move assets between countries on a regular […]

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By 2033, one in three of us will pay 40p tax rate

In its latest forecast, the OBR said that more than 9 million people could be landed with the 40 per cent tax rate, with a further 1.7 million losing 45% of their earnings. This is on the assumption that their respective thresholds continue to rise along with inflation. In an interview with The Telegraph, the […]

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