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Corbyn and Cameron Clash over Google Tax Deal

Cameron defends the Google Tax deal in Commons clash with Corbyn. Google has been at forefront of the mainstream media following their latest tax deal with UK tax officials. A deal made between Google executives and UK tax officials for them to pay a mere £130m in back taxes dating back to 2005 caused a row about whether […]

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HMRC’s Customer Service Failure Results In Tax Return Fury And Confusion

Millions have been left in the dark regarding their tax returns, PAYE slips and other financial documents due to a huge amount of unanswered HMRC phone calls. In the first half of the year, the HMRC were only able to successfully answer half of all calls made to them, with 39% of inquiries dealt with […]

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Buy-to-Let Tax for Landlords

Landlords will now be punished with interest rate rises for running a business and investing in buy-to-let properties. Landlords, who put their faith with Conservatives for their extensive knowledge of the private renting sector, were quickly disillusioned once the Chancellor, George Osborne announced his new plans to regulate buy-to-let mortgages. New Restrictions on Buy-To-Let Tax […]

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Facebook’s Tiny Corporation Tax Bill

Facebook Is Not Profitable In The UK Year after year, we have dealt with countless headlines of massive multimillion companies dodging their UK tax payments and saving millions. Facebook is the latest company in the spotlight; currently, the company pays less tax than the average UK employee. How Has Facebook Managed To Pay Less Tax? […]

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New Pension Rules Affecting Over-55s

An oddity in the income tax system means HMRC incorrectly overcharges people who make the most of new rules to withdraw cash from pensions. In April 2015, new rules stated that over-55s can withdraw regular or provisional sums of cash from their pensions. However, if a person makes a significant withdrawal in a single month, […]

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UK Government rejects higher Diesel Tax to deal with Pollution

The British government has rejected the idea of raising taxes on diesel vehicles in order to reduce air pollution. Britain has been consistently failing to meet the European Union limits on nitrogen dioxide-produced by diesel engines. Nitrogen dioxide and diesel particular matter is especially harmful to respiratory systems. The parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee published a […]

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Gary Barlow apologises for tax avoidance coverage

Gary Barlow has issued a public apology for the negative coverage that surrounded his tax affairs – more than four months after he was ordered to pay millions of pounds to HMRC. The Take That singer, along with two band mates and his manager, had invested into the Icebreaker scheme. The initiative had billed itself […]

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Conservatives Offer Scotland Power Over Income Tax

Should Scottish voters reject independence when the referendum is held this September, the Conservatives have offered to give Scotland greater power over the matter of income tax. Edinburgh, they say, would be given full control over all issues relating to income tax. The government have conducted a review, led by Lord Strathclyde, about the devolution […]

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Lawyers Deem Financial Transaction Tax Illegal

A Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), which is currently set to be implemented in 11 EU countries, has now been claimed to be illegal by lawyers. The UK is not one of the countries set to implement the FTT, remaining strongly opposed. This is one contributing factor to the 14 page legal opinion that the team […]

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Self Employment Advice In Peterborough

There has been a rise in self-employment during the last year. The latest figures show that more than 35,000 people registered as self-employed during the time, overall lifting the total of UK residents working for themselves to just short of 4million. The reasoning for this is fairly simple. With an increase in redundancies, a lack […]

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