Gary Barlow apologises for tax avoidance coverage

MAIN-gary-barlow-obeGary Barlow has issued a public apology for the negative coverage that surrounded his tax affairs – more than four months after he was ordered to pay millions of pounds to HMRC.

The Take That singer, along with two band mates and his manager, had invested into the Icebreaker scheme. The initiative had billed itself as a way to invest in new musical talent.

But the Court of Appeal ruled that it was actually an ‘aggressive tax avoidance scheme’.

In a tweet, he insisted he had replaced his team of accountants, and were trying to ‘settle things with all parties as soon as possible’.

Some criticised the star for apologising about the stories that emerged of his tax avoidance, rather than the actual act itself.

At the time of the scandal, there were calls for Barlow to hand back his OBE. However, the Prime Minister rejected these demands, and insisted the former X Factor judge deserved the honour because of his charity work.

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