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Making Tax Digital (MTD)

You may have heard about the recent changes to the way VAT must be reported. In April 2019, HMRC introduced Making Tax Digital (MTD). The main change with this new piece of legislation is the way your VAT returns are filed online. If your company is turning over more than £85,000 you are now required […]

Tax Saving Accountants

The History of Accounting

The history of accounting practices is an interesting one worth delving into. It was quickly found that the invention of money came the need to track and audit its movement. At its most basic an “I OWE YOU” must have been one of the first ‘balance sheets’ ever seen but we have to speculate and […]

Changing accountants
Tax Saving Accountants

Advice For Changing Accountants

There can be countless reasons why a business may want to change their accountant. A common reason for this is – your business is outgrowing your current accountants and the workload is too much for them to deliver your requirements on time. When it comes to money, business owners tend to worry, and they have […]

SME's late payment
Tax Saving Accountants

Why Small Businesses Spend £5K A Year Chasing Late Payments

A recent study showed that almost 75% of all small businesses in the United Kingdom spend an average of 9 days per quarter chasing money they are owed by customers or clients. Taking the average hourly wage in the UK, this converts into the cost of £5,000 per year for a business. The study revealed […]

Tax Saving Accountants

Best personal finance software for SME’s going into 2017

Financial software is crucial for small SME’s who have just got into the business environment. What they offer is a service that is almost identical to having a team member in accounts, however for small businesses they save a considerable amount of money when they are just finding their legs in the industry before moving […]

cyber criminal
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BEWARE: Cyber Criminals Attack Target Self-assessment Taxpayers

Millions are being bombarded with fake HMRC phishing emails With just a few weeks to go until the deadline for self-assessment tax return for the 2014/15 financial year, millions of taxpayers are reporting the increase of fake phishing emails from cyber criminals purporting to be HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). As many as 40pc of […]

self-employment boom
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Self-Employment Booms Across The UK

The latest ONS figures show that self-employment is here to stay. After seven months of being in decline, the UK has seen the figures of self-employment rise significantly. The report was published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) November 11th 2015. The number rose by 30,000 during the third quarter of 2015. Which is […]

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Facebook’s Tiny Corporation Tax Bill

Facebook Is Not Profitable In The UK Year after year, we have dealt with countless headlines of massive multimillion companies dodging their UK tax payments and saving millions. Facebook is the latest company in the spotlight; currently, the company pays less tax than the average UK employee. How Has Facebook Managed To Pay Less Tax? […]

Tax Saving Accountants

Landfill Tax Crackdown Welcomed by Waste Industry

Local police forces located in the north of England have joined powers with HMRC for a landfill tax crackdown. Together, the organisations will investigate suspected landfill tax fraud worth millions of pounds. Landfill tax fraud involves deliberately misclassifying waste, with material that is supposed to attract the usual rate of Landfill Tax being passed off […]

Tax Saving Accountants

Do Changes To The Inheritance Tax Limit Mean Changes To Your Will?

Thousands of families in the UK will need to make significant changes to their will or risk missing out on the new allowance for inheritance tax. Many of these people originally set up discretionary trusts in order to have a tax-efficient way to leave property to their children. Accountants have warned that changes to the […]

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