UK Government rejects higher Diesel Tax to deal with Pollution

Diesel Tax UKThe British government has rejected the idea of raising taxes on diesel vehicles in order to reduce air pollution.

Britain has been consistently failing to meet the European Union limits on nitrogen dioxide-produced by diesel engines. Nitrogen dioxide and diesel particular matter is especially harmful to respiratory systems.

The parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee published a report on air quality in December, calling for changes to the tax regime for diesel vehicles. It also urged the government to introduce a certification scheme to ensure vehicles meet air quality standards, and a national framework for low emission zones.

In response, the Uk government rejects higher diesel tax, and stands by its announcement in 2013, which says fuel duty is frozen for the remainder of the parliamentary term, and there are no plans to change vehicle excise duty.

The British Supreme Court will be making a final ruling on making the British government comply with EU air quality rules sometime this year.