Dealing with Boom & Bust

This will be the third recession that I will have experienced as an accountant in private practice and actually the fourth which I can remember well…

Economic boom & bust cycles are an undeniable fact of our self employed and corporate business life – poorly advised and positioned business will do well to learn from, and survive this recession; prudent business with the benefit of strong accountancy support through sage tax and business planning advise will quietly prosper through this recession as it has always been the case.

Getting through the recession STARTS HERE;

Stonehouse Accountants in Peterborough has the necessary experience and a proven long term track record of finding a safe pathway, for its clients, through the economic recessions as well as the good times… YOUR business deserves good advise in these times, we will be pleased to hear from you.

And finally one thing is for sure… you absolutely will be able to look back and assess the quality of the accountancy advise you received or sadly…simply didn’t receive from your present accountant, in these changing times…

F Waller FCPA
(Senior Partner)

Stonehouse Accountants