HMRC Could Share Taxpayer Information

HMRC NameplateProposals under consideration could see HMRC selling taxpayer data to third parties such as private companies. HMRC insists that this would only happen if “there is a clear public benefit” and that the data would be “anonymised.”

HMRC has also insisted that there would be “robust safeguards” and that before making any data available they would implement a “rigorous accreditation process.” This would include placing those who gain access to the data under the same type of confidentiality rules that affect staff of HMRC. Such a system could see those who pass data on without authorisation facing criminal sanctions.

However, many remain concerned about the prospect of taxpayer data being sold to third parties. Concerns include questions about what data would be included and on whether anonymisation would effectively prevent identification.

At present, answers to these questions are not yet available, in part because the proposals are still under consideration and no decision has been reached.