Here Is Why You Need An Accountant

So you’re are thinking of using an accountant, we we’ve got some reasons why that makes perfect sense.

Part 1

  1. Do you really know anything about Accounting or Tax Saving? If you have no idea or time and you feel you’re not really up to the task of learning how the process all works, it really is best to use the experts. Most people have someone they know who thinks they know about tax saving or accounting, but the truth is that rarely are they doing this day in or day out like we do at Stonehouse Accountants in Peterborough are – and doing it well for that reason!
  2. Complicated tax forms are intimidating. Filing your own fax forms when you don’t have anyone to check over them beforehand can be in daunting. There are so many different calculations you need to consider and if you make the wrong entry, sometimes, it can cause a lot of grief you really don’t have time to deal with.
  3. Scared of the Inland Revenue? If you get audited then this is almost as bad as being sent down.  It’s a terrible situation to be in and not one I would recommend to any of my clients or my worst enemies. Let us deal with your accounts and deal with any tax inspections that might come up so you can sleep at night.
  4. You are a self employed individual. Being self employed you have by now realised your life has changed for the better, but your own finances will definitely get more complicated from now… There are a lot of deadlines, varied situations to contend with and options and sometimes it can be too overwhelming. Luckily for you, Stonehouse Accountants in Peterborough are experts and will advise you every step of the way by saving you lots of time and money too.
  5. Money coming in from different sources? So you have money coming in from different directions which is great when you want to diversify but ultimately the tax man wants a cut. Although it sounds easy, its really not easy to organise your tax affairs. Leave it to us, the Accounting Experts.

Look out for Part 2, coming soon…