Stonehouse, Peterborough Accountants News Update – The UK tax burden

The UK tax burden on families is said to have risen by up to 150% since 1997. The UK, through levying stealth taxes could be considered one of the highest burden taxation countries in the world.


(UK) Stealth Tax is a term used for income tax levied in such a way that is largely unnoticed, or not recognized as a tax. The term is also generally used in the by Conservatives to attack the New Labour government’s policies.

With each passing year, more people are falling into the higher tax band. Currently, almost 4 million tax payers are regarded as high income earners. That is about one taxpayer in eight.

I suggest, one simple question every tax paying self employed sole trader, subcontractor, partnership or limited company should be asking is this:

“Am I confident that my present accountant is working hard to save me tax or is the accountant just taking my business for granted…”

Tax planning to save tax starts here. You can make the change to an accountant that works for you.

Stonehouse Accountants in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire has thirty years experience in long term tax and business planning to develop business interests and achieve significant tax savings with compliance. We have generally found that old idiom to ring true; “where there’s a will, there’s a way…”