Tory Leader Ruth Davidson asks for Low Taxes for Scotland

Tory Leader asks for Low Taxes for Scotland, Leader of the Scottish Tories, Rush Davidson has recently said that she believes the Scottish government needs to pledge to never raise taxes higher than everywhere else in the UK in order to prevent the top-rate taxpayers leaving Scotland in order to work in England.

Ms Davidson is also aiming to attract a further 10,000 high earners to Scotland and said she wants Scotland to roll out the red carpet to their neighbours, and the way to do this is low taxes for Scotland. She also criticised the “self-defeating” plan by Labour to add a levy of a 50p top rate of tax.

Labour’s Ian Murray responded, saying that Ms Davidson needs to stop talking about tax cuts for the rich and instead explain the punitive cuts on the poor by her government. The Scottish government also wasn’t pleased, and hit back by saying that Scotland is “very much open for business”.

About 14,000 people in Scotland are top-rate taxpayers, which is around 5% of the total in the UK is also below its share of the population.

Ian Murray, Labour Shadow Scottish Secretary said that instead of defending the record her party has when it comes to tax cuts for the most wealthy, Ms Davidson needs to answer for the effect of the policies of her party.

Mr Murray called the Cuts which Iain Duncan Smith announced “punitive” and said that they mean that people who are too sick to work will now need to either find a job or lose their benefits. He also said that both the Tories and Ruth Davidson can’t keep trying to fool people that they’re the compassionate wing when it comes to Cameron’s Conservatives, and called them “equally responsible”.

John Swinney, Scotland’s Deputy First Minister has said that the country’s population is now at an all-time high. He also said that outside London the country is the most successful part of the Uk when it comes to attracting inward investment.