Want to change your accountant in Peterborough?

Why change accountant?

The following reasons could be why you want to change your accountant:

  • You’re unhappy with the level of service and understanding
  • You can get a more cost effect service elsewhere and with an Accountant who can offer a complete business service.
  • You’re after a better Accounting service elsewhere.
  • Your current Accountant is closing their business and you need to move fast to ensure you are conforming to HMRC accordingly.
  • Your company has grown massively and the present Accountant you have can’t cater for your expansion needs.

3 Steps to change Accountant

  • Find yourself a new accountant, then notify your existing accountant of your intention to change. Your current Accountant will deal with any matters arising and hand over to your newly appointed accountant without any issues.
  • If your existing Accountant is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Accountant or other professionally qualified Accountant, they will be bound by their regulatory body to fully co-operate with handing over your account and any papers belonging to you and your business within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Your new Accountant will, and should, write to your previous Accountant to request a professional clearance and all relevant documents and information which they will require to take over your Account/business.