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Why Bookkeeping Is Integral to Your Growing Business

The most gratifying thing as a business owner is seeing your company, your pride and joy, attracting more customers and generating more profit. Perhaps you’ve been in a rut lately or have been keeping stable but with little growth, but that is where a small business accountant near you can help. Look around at financial planning and bookkeeping services near you, and you may find a way to increase your profit margins and reduce the amount of time spent on dealing with company finances. As your business scales up, you’ll only have more sales and it could mean that you cross the VAT threshold, making financial management even more of a hassle. Not only do you have to keep a thumb on your cash flow and prepare payrolls for your employees, but every year, tax affairs are due and it can all drive you away from your long-term company goals.

This is where a qualified and experienced bookkeeper can help you take care of the financial busywork, and even use their expertise to give you a boost. There are four key ways in which bookkeepers help out a growing business, and this article will point them out in detail.

Evaluate Your Business’ Financial Efficiency

You’ve spent years developing your business to where it is today, and that head-down doggedness to get it off the ground means that you perhaps haven’t had the opportunity to step back and look at how effectively your business handles its finances. Stonehouse’s team of bookkeepers can do just that for you, though, diving headstrong into your books to scope out problem areas and ways to start optimising your business’ expenses. With us in your back pocket, you can take advantage of having someone dedicated to bringing the best out of your company.

Manage Your Business’ Cash Flow

Just as you may not have had the free time to stop and properly assess your business, you may have been putting off regular reminders to monitor the cash flow of your business as the number of bank transactions only gets bigger. A bookkeeping service near you can save time on looking after the business’ profits, as well as reducing unnecessary overhead costs and focus on and improving the areas that bring in the most money home. Stonehouse prides itself on communicating with our clients on a regular basis, and will notify you if any important documents need to be completed to get a task done.

Bookkeeping Services

Finally, you’ll be able to know for certain how much money your business generates – weekly, monthly and yearly. The key advantage of a bookkeeping service is that all your books are consistently up-to-date, so you have a fresh and uncomplicated outlook on how your business is doing at any point in time. It’s not a good feeling being the businessman who hasn’t a clue how the business is going when they’re talking to his peers. Stonehouse knows that you like the finer details, and will break down exactly what you’re spending and making money from, as well as what we can improve.

Minimise the Tax Burden

Submitting tax returns every year is a necessary irritant that if not done in time, can result in fines and penalties against you. It’s best not to risk that outcome, and getting a bookkeeper can relieve that issue off your shoulders immediately. We will get right to setting out all your reports to ensure that it all goes through smoothly. Furthermore, you’ll get help and advice to ensure that you are not overpaying your taxes by constantly looking for areas to reduce your tax burden legitimately.

Stonehouse Accountants Can Bookkeep For Your Business

Our sole trader and small business-specialising accountants in Peterborough will help you not only help you prepare your books for tax season but will iron out any excessive expenses and improve your profit margins. It could be the addition to your company that takes it to the next level.

Our services include keeping track of your sales and expenses to look after the books, organising salaries and getting your tax bill in early to give you the best possible chance of a handy interest bonus from the government.

With over thirty years of leadership in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area and beyond, Stonehouse Accountants in Peterborough is a surefire guarantee of an accountancy team that will nurture your business’ finances to maximum effect. The money you’ll save from our management could allow you to invest in your business further.

If you are interested in taking us on for your growing business, or have never worked with an accounting firm before and wondering more about what we do, contact our team today to get started.