Why should I use an accountant to deal with corporation tax?

Dealing with your tax return is difficult at the best of times, but when it comes to corporation tax, it can often be even more difficult. When it comes to filing and paying this kind of tax, you may easily have trouble – which is why most people choose to hire an accountant for their limited company or other form of organisation or association.

Your accountant will be known by the HMRC as an agent, and he or she will be there to act on behalf of you and your company/organisation in order to inform HMRC of how much is owed in corporation tax. The agent, your accountant, will also be there to file your company’s tax return, and to deal with any other tax matters that may occur during this process.

If you choose to authorise an accountant/agent to act on you and your company’s behalf, you do need to inform HMRC, simply so that they know who to contact with any issues and who exactly they are dealing with when it comes to your company’s tax matters.

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