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Are you ready for PAYE changes?

SMEs Have Less Than 2 Months Until PAYE Changes HMRC is implementing massive changes to how small businesses report PAYE earnings, and companies have less than two months to prepare. From April – the start of the new tax year – real-time reporting on Pay As You Earn will be needed, even if the SMEs […]

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The big question: Should young part-time workers pay tax?

The summer has been and gone, but The Independent certainly has an interesting story – a company who rejected a 15-year-old boy’s application for part-time work because he hadn’t paid tax on his previous earnings. Even though the company may have been a bit strict, one of the biggest issues that face small businesses is […]

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Do you pay into a pension?

Alarming research from Prudential suggests that as many as 46% of small business owners do not contribute regularly into a pension fund – even though they are self-employed and are not automatically enlisted into a scheme. The main reasons for this appear to be the fact that many businessowners believe that they are not going […]

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Is there too much regulation for small businesses?

The FSB have claimed that small businesses across the UK are suffering from too much regulation which prevents them from growing effectively, in addition to making hiring new staff harder. The organisation further claims that those who are already in employment are protected more than those who actively seek work along with millions of others […]

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So you think you can avoid the taxman…?

HMRC has saved the taxpayer an estimated £200m by taking three tax avoidance schemes to the courts – and winning all of its cases. The first case involved a scheme that addressed capital gains tax and which, according to HRMC, prevented around £90m finding its way to the treasury. The second case involved the directors […]

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Why should I use an accountant to deal with corporation tax?

Dealing with your tax return is difficult at the best of times, but when it comes to corporation tax, it can often be even more difficult. When it comes to filing and paying this kind of tax, you may easily have trouble – which is why most people choose to hire an accountant for their […]

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Fivers are in fashion…

In a smart move to increase the circulation of new £5 notes, fivers are now being dispensed from more ATMs than ever before. In the summer of 2010, nearly 10 times as many fivers than usual were being dispensed, according to the Bank of England. Every month, around £200 million worth of fivers are now […]

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Are we to overpay over £12bn in tax in 2012?

British Taxpayers To Pay £421 In Tax British taxpayers are expected to overpay in tax this year, at an average of around £421 all in all. It’s also expected that 85% of us will be unable to reduce our tax bills, too. Brand-new figures have brought about these expectations. 2012 Will Be The Second Biggest […]

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I need an Accountant I hear you say? part 2

In our part 2 guide to using an accountant, we cover how you can save time, why tax advice is important and reasons why sitting down and going through financial history with an Accountant is invaluable. Part 2 Outsource, outsource, outsource. Some people believe (or can prove) their time is far too valuable to waste […]

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Here Is Why You Need An Accountant

So you’re are thinking of using an accountant, we we’ve got some reasons why that makes perfect sense. Part 1 Do you really know anything about Accounting or Tax Saving? If you have no idea or time and you feel you’re not really up to the task of learning how the process all works, it […]

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