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EU Referendum: Effects On Small Businesses

There has been much debate surrounding the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Some were left unhappy, frustrated and considerably worried about their future. Whilst on the flip side, others were, ecstatic and proud to finally ‘get their country back’ but still as confused about the future as the remain voters. However, no one can […]

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Complaint Handling: The Key To Brand Loyalty

Complaints are simply inevitable. Nobody ever likes to receive them, but, they can present you with the perfect opportunity to identify and rectify specific problems within your business. And most importantly, it can help you to develop or maintain a relationship with your customers by allowing you to demonstrate that you value their service, therefore, […]

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How to Protect Your Small Business Against Cybercrime

Cybercrime is, unsurprisingly, on the rise and it’s small businesses – who don’t have the same highly sophisticated systems in place to prevent fraud like larger firms – who are the most vulnerable and easy targets for cyber criminals. A report released by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in 2016, showed that 41pc of its […]

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EU Referendum: Pros and Cons of Leaving the EU

There’s been much debate surrounding the highly anticipated EU referendum, which is set to be held on Thursday the 23rd of June, where the UK will settle a question that’s been rumbling at the surface of British politics for generations: should Britain remain within or leave the European Union. It’s being held because it was […]

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Panama Papers: The Summary of a Capitalist Flaw

A huge leak of documents from one of the world’s most secretive companies, a Panamanian law firm called Mossack Fonseca, has not only lifted the lid on the corruption and power within the upper class but, it has placed many people and many organisations under the spotlight. The revelation itself, that the rich and wealthy […]

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Budget 2016: What Will That Mean for SMEs?

Cuts To Tax & Business Rates For SMEs George Osborne delivered a surprisingly upbeat budget that will finally give SMEs the attention that they deserve. In this year’s Budget, there are plans for cuts left, right and centre. Cuts to corporation tax, capitals gains tax and business rates. However, there’s also a new tax in […]

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