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Married Couple’s Allowance And Marriage Allowance; Is It Worth It?

In 2015, the Coalition Government introduced the Married Couple’s Allowance and Marriage Allowance (the difference between the tax breaks being whether one or both partners were born before 6th April 1935). The tax break was introduced with the intention of helping four million married couples and 15,000 civil partners where one parent either doesn’t work […]

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Accounting Advice for Small Businesses

Helpful tips that every small business owner should know about. Accounting can be alien to many new and existing small business owners. It’s the side of owning your business that most people hate, managing books, finances, tax, VAT – it’s a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be… With a little discipline and a good system […]

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Corbyn and Cameron Clash over Google Tax Deal

Cameron defends the Google Tax deal in Commons clash with Corbyn. Google has been at forefront of the mainstream media following their latest tax deal with UK tax officials. A deal made between Google executives and UK tax officials for them to pay a mere £130m in back taxes dating back to 2005 caused a row about whether […]

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Advantages of being a Sole Trader

The Benefits of being a Sole Trader Have You Considered Starting Your Own Business? Starting Off As A Sole Trader Is One Of The Most Popular Choices For Many Reasons… When opening your own business, you might have given some thought and consideration on becoming a sole trader, also known as a sole proprietor. It […]

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BEWARE: Cyber Criminals Attack Target Self-assessment Taxpayers

Millions are being bombarded with fake HMRC phishing emails With just a few weeks to go until the deadline for self-assessment tax return for the 2014/15 financial year, millions of taxpayers are reporting the increase of fake phishing emails from cyber criminals purporting to be HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). As many as 40pc of […]

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Is My Small Business Ready for an Accountant?

As a small business, you may think you can’t afford an accountant. But when you evaluate how long it takes to do a task yourself, can you say it’s a good use of your time? Appointing an accountant can help lift a huge weight off your shoulders because unless you’re an expert in the field, […]

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VAT Registration: Who Needs it and How to Register

Everything a new or small business needs to know about VAT Registration If your business meets certain criteria then you will be expected to register for VAT. Even if you are not required to, it can be beneficial for some businesses. Here we explain to both new and small businesses what the criteria are for […]

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HMRC’s New Online Tax Return System; Making Tax Digital

This brand new service is part of the initial steps towards a fully digitalised tax system. Tax returns remain an annual burden for many, but this year millions should expect to be redirected to a brand new and user-friendly online tax return system by the end of December to complete their self-assessment. The service will […]

Tax on Sugary Drinks
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Tax on Sugary Drinks Backed by MPs

Tax on sugary drinks are being implemented to target childhood obesity in the UK, MPs say The Commons Health Committee has recently published a hard-hitting report, with compelling evidence which puts pressure on ministers, for the long-awaited 20% tax on sugary drinks to fight child obesity in the UK. The report claims “One-fifth of children […]

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Council Tax Affected By A Population That Lives For Longer

Local Government Association (LGA) warns that council tax bills are due to cost £200 more for Band D properties over the next five years as generations live for longer. Social care spending is predicted to exceed the available funding of £2.9 billion by 2020. Chancellor George Osborne has given extra fundraising powers to local authorities […]

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