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TUC – Banks must come clean

The TUC has called on the government to force High Street banks to come clean about their activities in tax havens. It wants those banks that have received taxpayer money, or assistance from the Bank of England, to fully disclose their tax payments in these tax havens. The union said its research showed that Barclays, […]

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Innovation my curb recession with invertment

The government needs to deliver a ‘new economic deal” for UK business, according to leading investment groups. The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) is calling on the government to commit set long-term goals to rebuild the economy beyond the ‘short-term” fiscal stimulus of the Pre-Budget Report. View the full article here

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Businesses Must Guard Against Fraud

Business fraud has been described by the British Metropolitan Police as “simply the intent or the act of misrepresentation – scammers lying about themselves or their actions and services – to cause a gain or loss.” Businesses need to remain wary of fraud despite a rise in fraudster prosecutions, new figures show. National crime statistics […]

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Silver Lining for Businesses

Over a quarter of UK entrepreneurs believe the economic downturn has the potential for new business opportunities, new research suggests. These new opportunities include taking clients from competitors, buying stock at lower prices or acquiring other companies, a poll by entrepreneur think tank the Tenon Forum found. London entrepreneurs are the most confident about new […]

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Dealing with Boom & Bust

This will be the third recession that I will have experienced as an accountant in private practice and actually the fourth which I can remember well… Economic boom & bust cycles are an undeniable fact of our self employed and corporate business life – poorly advised and positioned business will do well to learn from, […]

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Rising costs for small businesses

BT Business' State of the Small Business Nation report has revealed that during the current downturn 57% of small businesses are experiencing rising costs and 51% have lost customers. It is no surprise therefore that half of firms reported worsening trading conditions compared with just one in ten seeing an improvement. The report also shows […]

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Unemployment to peak as recession looms

Mr Purnell claimed the UK is facing unemployment on a scale not seen for more than a decade, and warned that the government would be powerless to intervene and save jobs. His gloomy analysis came after the first admission of a government minister that Britain is heading for recession. Tom McNulty, the new work and […]

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A Slow Adoption To Green Policies

How Many Businesses Are Already Using Green Policies? A figure of more than 33% of small businesses in the United Kingdom has yet to implement a carbon reduction initiative, even though three-quarters of businesses believe adopting environmental measures “could bring new opportunities”, a survey by the business advisory firm Deloitte found. Over a third of […]

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Stonehouse, Peterborough Accountants News Update – The UK tax burden

FACT: The UK tax burden on families is said to have risen by up to 150% since 1997. The UK, through levying stealth taxes could be considered one of the highest burden taxation countries in the world. FACT: (UK) Stealth Tax is a term used for income tax levied in such a way that […]

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Business’ Payment System Frustrations

Businesses are still struggling with efficient payment systems: over half reported having problems with overseas payments in the last twelve months. Frustrations among respondents include the time taken for international funds to be received and funds to clear (44%), the hidden fees involved (35%), and the time it takes to investigate missing payments (24%). As […]

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