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HMRC boss defends her £20,000 bonus

Bonuses at HM Revenue & Customs have fallen under scrutiny – after its chief executive pocketed an extra £20,000 despite a massive error which saw the taxman drastically overestimate the extra revenue it had collected. Lin Homer has insisted that she deserves the bonus, even though she already earns a salary estimated at £185,000. Many […]

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HMRC Could Share Taxpayer Information

Proposals under consideration could see HMRC selling taxpayer data to third parties such as private companies. HMRC insists that this would only happen if “there is a clear public benefit” and that the data would be “anonymised.” HMRC has also insisted that there would be “robust safeguards” and that before making any data available they […]

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HMRC to Level New Powers at Offshore Tax Evasion

As the government continues to target those holding undeclared, taxable funds in overseas accounts, HMRC are set to get new powers for pursuing offshore tax evaders. While HMRC must currently prove that the offender intended to evade tax before bringing any prosecution against them, it will now be possible to charge them with a criminal […]

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Government Dismisses PAC Recommendations

According to minutes from a recent meeting, the government has dismissed a number of recommendations from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). The recommendations relate to issues such as the tax gap and the way HMRC accounts are reported. Specifically, the PAC suggested that the government should be more transparent about the alleged limitations of the […]

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Government Grants Tax Cut of £200 per Employee

The government is set to introduce an employment allowance in April. This will result in a tax saving of £200 for each employee. Thanks to this allowance, employers are set to save nearly £5.5 billion by the end of the current parliament, according to figures from the treasury. The allowance will also reduce employers’ total […]

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“Overcomplicated Tax Rules” says OTS

The Office of Tax Simplification has said that the rules surrounding employee expenses are a complex “minefield,” and said that they need to be updated. The rules in question have remained unchanged since the 1990s. For example, the OTS has highlighted the example of a restaurant bill. They have suggested it should simply be an […]

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HMRC “Lose its Nerve” Over Big Businesses

A number of big companies such as Starbucks and Amazon have recently attracted criticism for hugely underpaying UK tax. Now, it has been claimed by the Public Accounts Committee that HMRC tends to lose its nerve when pursuing such big businesses. In their report on HMRC’s annual accounts, the committee said that: “HMRC holds back […]

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The UK’s Tax Agreement With The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands have signed an agreement to automatically exchange taxation information with the UK. This has made them the first British overseas territory to sign up to such an arrangement, though similar agreements have previously been made closer to home with Jersey and Guernsey. The signing of this agreement ends the use of the […]

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HMRC Loses Most Staff in Four Years

It has emerged that 2012-2013 saw HMRC lose the largest number of staff in four years. 1697 staff left the tax body in the course of the financial year, which represents a small increase compared to 1629 the year before. These figures were unearthed by research from UHY Hacker Young, a top 20 firm. With […]

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Outstanding Tax Cases Near 27,000

Outstanding first-tier tax tribunal cases have been on the rise for some time. In 2012/2013, it has now been revealed, the number nearly reached a record of nearly 27,000. In 2009/2010, this number was only 13,456, meaning that the volume of outstanding cases has almost exactly doubled over the past four years. However, HMRC has […]

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