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Income Tax Introduced For The First Time In Andorra

On the 2nd May this year, it was announced that Andorra is to introduce a tax on personal income for the very first time. Its European neighbours have been putting pressure on the country for a significant period of time, claiming that this level of ‘tax evasion’ needed to be tackled. The head of the […]

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HMRC Contact Centre Closures Prompt PCS Member Strikes

The closure of more than 280 HM Revenue and Customs contact centres has recently prompted public outrage, and hundreds of members of the Public and Commercial Services Union recently took part in a number of strikes. They are campaigning over pay, conditions, jobs and the closure of the centres. The protests are continuing throughout the […]

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Americans Feeling Tax Hike Hits

According to a payroll tax poll, many Americans are now feeling the hit of recent tax hikes under the Obama administration. Smaller Paychecks Due To The Tax Hike A majority of working Americans, according to a You Gov and Huffington Post poll, claim that they are noticing smaller paychecks after the payroll tax cut expired […]

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Partnership Taxation Changes from May 2013

Towards the end of May 2013, the government published its consultation paper on the taxation of partnerships. This new consultation, which came alongside the new 2013 budget, set out two specific areas to be reformed. First of all, the government is intending to look at how under statutory footing, some members of a salaried partnership […]

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New International Retirement Scheme is Now Open to UK Limited Firms

A brand new Pension Trust has launched in the United Kingdom, which now allows UK Limited Companies to provide their workers with retirement packages if they have responsibilities outside of the country. This new International Retirement Scheme was previously only open to select few, namely direct clients, but it is now available across the board. […]

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Henderson Loggie Has New Partner

Alan Davis has now become the latest partner to the Dundee office of Henderson Loggie. After having joined the law firm in 2005, coming from KPMG, Davis became an important figure in the Aberdeen and Edinburgh offices. He is also experienced in working at Customs and Exercise for 16 years in Jull. He is also […]

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Annual Lease Accounting Rules Expect to Change Dramatically

The IASB’s New Proposals Will Impact Financial Figures International accounting proposals associated with leasing are thought to soon be changing dramatically, and in turn, impacting the finances of firms all across the United Kingdom. In a move to improve the level of transparency in the leasing industry, the International Accounting Standards Boards has recently created […]

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New Audit Report Standard from the FRC

The Financial reporting watchdog has recently issued a new and revised auditing standard. The watchdog claims that the new standard will improve transparency in the industry due to the fact that it will increase the amount of communication with investors. Board engagement was a primary suspect in the changes. The FRC now requires all boards […]

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New technology identifies susceptible sectors

The self-assessment deadline may have been and gone, but the taxman has announced that they have new technology which can indicate which sectors are most likely to have filled in their self-assessment incorrectly. This is done by looking at patterns throughout the economy, and then determining susceptibilities. For example, one area that could be under […]

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HMRC has food for thought

HMRC are beginning to launch specific tax crackdowns in certain regions and in particular industries. One example reported recently was that East Anglia fast food companies may be subject to more rigorous checks. In this particular instance, up to 5 million could be added to the Treasury’s funds, contributing to the 7 billion in annual […]

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