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The UK will be Increasing Fines for Tax Evaders

The UK will soon be increasing penalties for those failing to pay taxes due on money in offshore banks, and will also be levying large fines on companies who try to evade taxes, along with those who help them. These new plans come as a response to the controversy caused by disclosures that HSBC had […]

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UK Government rejects higher Diesel Tax to deal with Pollution

The British government has rejected the idea of raising taxes on diesel vehicles in order to reduce air pollution. Britain has been consistently failing to meet the European Union limits on nitrogen dioxide-produced by diesel engines. Nitrogen dioxide and diesel particular matter is especially harmful to respiratory systems. The parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee published a […]

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Conservatives may Raise Inheritance Tax Threshold to £1m

The hugely unpopular “death tax” may be overhauled, making it fairer for those living down south, and ensuring that wealthier people won’t be the only ones to benefit. The current one-size-fits-all policy means that those living in areas with higher valued houses are paying much more inheritance tax, as higher house prices  often push their […]

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HMRC ‘should be banned from misleading Parliament’

HMRC has been accused of misleading Parliament, its MPs and the public after it inaccurately suggested it was collecting billions of pounds in extra taxes. One expert, Sir Andrew Dilnot, wants the taxman to be banned from confirming how much revenue it collects in the wake of the scandal. In the 2011/12 tax year, as […]

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Entrepreneurs To Get Taxes In Order As Self-Employment Hits Record

The Self Employed Will Have To Pay Income Tax Professionals who are going self-employed for the first time are being warned to make sure that they are fully prepared to pay tax. The number of people who work for themselves is at a record high in Britain – with 4.5 million now proud to call […]

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HMRC plans to tighten offshore tax evasion

A new criminal offence is being considered by HMRC, which would see offshore tax evaders face tougher sanctions when they try to conceal their wealth. However, most of these cases would be dealt with via civil means. The taxman has launched a new consultation which targets those who move assets between countries on a regular […]

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By 2033, one in three of us will pay 40p tax rate

In its latest forecast, the OBR said that more than 9 million people could be landed with the 40 per cent tax rate, with a further 1.7 million losing 45% of their earnings. This is on the assumption that their respective thresholds continue to rise along with inflation. In an interview with The Telegraph, the […]

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HMRC boss defends her £20,000 bonus

Bonuses at HM Revenue & Customs have fallen under scrutiny – after its chief executive pocketed an extra £20,000 despite a massive error which saw the taxman drastically overestimate the extra revenue it had collected. Lin Homer has insisted that she deserves the bonus, even though she already earns a salary estimated at £185,000. Many […]

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PAYE Mistakes hit 5.5 Million People

HMRC estimates that 5.5 million people have paid the wrong amount of tax through PAYE in the 2013/2014 tax year. This figure is higher than the 5.2 million who paid the wrong amount of tax due to PAYE miscalculations last year. Of these people, it is estimated that 2 million have overpaid and will be […]

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Record £24 Billion From Tax Avoidance Crackdown

Following a recent crackdown on tax avoidance by HM Revenue and Customs, a record £23.9 billion has been added to public coffers thanks to investigations relating to the crackdown. The figure is the highest HMRC haul since records began, and exceeds the target set in December’s Autumn Statement by £1 billion. Following the huge haul, […]

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