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HMRC to Roll Out New Dispute Resolution Process

Following a successful trial over a two year period, HMRC is planning to roll out a new process for dispute resolutions on a national scale. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process will be open to individuals and small businesses. ADR will involve mediation from “Independent HMRC Facilitators.” These mediators will aim to help resolve disputes at […]

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Bankers Delay Bonuses for Tax Benefit

It has been revealed that some banking professionals had their bonuses for the 2012/2013 tax year delayed until after April. They were therefore paid in the new tax year, which saw the top rate of income tax reduced to 45%. The top rate affects income above £150,000.These bonuses fell into that category, and so the […]

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Further Changes to Partnership Tax

HM Revenue and Customs is continuing to look into ways of tightening the taxation of Limited Liability Partnerships. This is following an extensive consultation on the topic, which began with an announcement in December 2012 that HMRC would try to prevent “abusive use” of partnership status. The key intention of the latest changes is to […]

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No New Tax for Online Sales

The treasury have revealed that a potential online sales tax will not go ahead. This tax was designed as a way to lessen the advantage online businesses have over brick-and-mortar ones. Online businesses tend to have fewer overheads than traditional ones, which can lead to lower prices and more new companies starting up. The value […]

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HMRC to Introduce Single Compliance Process for SMEs

HM Revenue and Customs has announced plans to make things easier for SMEs by introducing a new Single Compliance System. It is hoped that this will produce a faster, more consistently high-quality enquiry process. It is also intended to ensure that individual enquiries are more appropriate to the cases they address. A trial of the […]

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Further Assistance on HMRC Rebate Tax Treatment

It was in March this year that HMRC announced that income tax would be levied on rebates starting from April. This initially sparked debate over the issue, with many demanding to have clean share classes from the fund managers. Since those calls, HMRC is now providing further assistance and guidance on the matter so that […]

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Dave Hartnett Lands Job at Deloitte

Former boss of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has now landed a tax advice job at the accountancy firm Deloitte. Caught up in a number of scandals and claims, the move has angered some and spiked curiosity in others. Having left the HMRC, he now has a new role that will only take up one […]

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Income Tax Introduced For The First Time In Andorra

On the 2nd May this year, it was announced that Andorra is to introduce a tax on personal income for the very first time. Its European neighbours have been putting pressure on the country for a significant period of time, claiming that this level of ‘tax evasion’ needed to be tackled. The head of the […]

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HMRC Contact Centre Closures Prompt PCS Member Strikes

The closure of more than 280 HM Revenue and Customs contact centres has recently prompted public outrage, and hundreds of members of the Public and Commercial Services Union recently took part in a number of strikes. They are campaigning over pay, conditions, jobs and the closure of the centres. The protests are continuing throughout the […]

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Americans Feeling Tax Hike Hits

According to a payroll tax poll, many Americans are now feeling the hit of recent tax hikes under the Obama administration. Smaller Paychecks Due To The Tax Hike A majority of working Americans, according to a You Gov and Huffington Post poll, claim that they are noticing smaller paychecks after the payroll tax cut expired […]

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