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Best personal finance software for SME’s going into 2017

Financial software is crucial for small SME’s who have just got into the business environment. What they offer is a service that is almost identical to having a team member in accounts, however for small businesses they save a considerable amount of money when they are just finding their legs in the industry before moving […]

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Tips on the The Best Current Accounts/ Smartest Ways to Save!

The current account market is a bit of a minefield at present. As the Bank of England base rates have been cut lower and lower over the years, so the Banks and Building Societies have been left little choice but to follow in its wake. This has resulted in stripping down, or at least restriction […]

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5 Facts About the New £1 Coin

Did you know that one in thirty £1 coins in circulation today are counterfeit? Considering that there’re an estimated 1.55 billion one pound coins in circulation today, this would mean that 51,66,667 of those are counterfeit! To combat this, the Royal Mint have developed a new and highly secure coin, not only making it harder […]

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5 Financial Tools Your Small Business Can’t Live Without

For small business owners keeping up with the financial side of their business can seem like a never ending task! Especially in its infancy it is essential that you stay on top of the finances going in and out of your business to ensure that there are no slip ups or crucial mistakes along the […]

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Pound Sterling Hits An All Time Low

The Sterling was thought to be stabilising but after Theresa May’s declaration on Sunday that Article 50 would be triggered by the end of March next year the Pound Sterling was sent into a new 31-year low against the Dollar on Wednesday – leaving businesses and markets concerned about what could be next for the […]

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Brexit: What’s Happened Since?

It was on June 23rd that the nation decided to leave the European Union. More than 30 million people voted and although the result was extremely close – 52% leave and 48% remain, what has actually happened since the Referendum – why haven’t we left yet? Have the predictions become true? Here we’ve highlighted the […]

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5 Finance Tips All Small Business Owners Should Follow

Finances are a key part of a small business success – if your finances are not in order or you don’t follow any sort of system then the chances are you are going to lose control of finances such as your costs which can slowly but surely drag a business down until it can no […]

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The Future Of Labour After The Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn took the political crowd by surprise when he waltzed to victory in last years Labour party leadership contest. He was initially ranked as a massive outsider, deemed too far left and therefore, undermined by many of his colleagues – which remains very much the case to this day. So much so, his compatriots […]

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5 Keys To Success For Small Businesses

Starting and successfully running a small business is one thing but to turn that business into a high earning, innovative organisation is something else. With so much competition and market density, taking your brand or business to a higher level has become harder than ever. Not to mention the many issues that businesses face in […]

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EU Referendum: Effects On Small Businesses

There has been much debate surrounding the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Some were left unhappy, frustrated and considerably worried about their future. Whilst on the flip side, others were, ecstatic and proud to finally ‘get their country back’ but still as confused about the future as the remain voters. However, no one can […]

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