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Making Tax Digital (MTD)

You may have heard about the recent changes to the way VAT must be reported. In April 2019, HMRC introduced Making Tax Digital (MTD). The main change with this new piece of legislation is the way your VAT returns are filed online. If your company is turning over more than £85,000 you are now required […]

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Tax Saving Accountants

Strange Tax Laws From Across The Globe

Unsurprisingly, tax laws are often born with the ulterior motive of provoking social changes, or for a few extra pennies in the revenue pocket. Frequently, these come with undertones of absurdity. Stonehouse Accountants dives into some of the weird and wonderful tax laws that have ever been created across the world.  Tethered Hot Air Balloon […]

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Defining Annual Deadlines From an Accountancy Perspective

When it comes to the financial sector of business, it is important to be rigorously aware of the different annual deadlines. But remembering and understanding the Financial, Tax, Fiscal and Accounting years is complicated!  Each category owns varying relevance depending on your business. Stonehouse has produced this blog to explain the differences, and of which […]

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Tax Incentives for SMEs You Need to Know About

During the early development period, while establishing your Small to Medium Enterprise (or SME), every penny counts. You want to carve yourself an edge against competition in the industry as you fulfil a dream of owning a successful business.  It is, therefore, an intelligent approach to consider all the ways in which you may reduce […]

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Making Tax Digital – The Impact on VAT

As of April this year (unless deferred, in which case from October 2019), it became a law that businesses labelled VAT-registered must turn to digitised methods to maintain VAT records. This is a branch from the Government’s goal of Making Tax Digital by 2020. The impression here is that going digital will provide more effectiveness, […]

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The Future of Accountancy in the Digital Age

Manual bookkeeping, human data entry, tax preparation processes, hours of paperwork… procedures that belong to a traditional understanding of Accountancy tasks that are approaching a swift finale.   The long hours spent chasing and collating clients’ financial figures, information gathering and filing, and a paper chase with HMRC, pose the systems that belong to ‘yesteryear’. […]

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How to Get Ahead in the New Financial Year

Well firstly, as the financial year end comes around, checking your accounts are ready will save you a lot of time in the long run as many businesses begin to think about what to do first. Starting to prepare ahead of time is a great idea. What does ‘year end’ actually mean?   Your Year-End […]

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The History of Accounting

The history of accounting practices is an interesting one worth delving into. It was quickly found that the invention of money came the need to track and audit its movement. At its most basic an “I OWE YOU” must have been one of the first ‘balance sheets’ ever seen but we have to speculate and […]

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Why Is Having An Accountant So Important For SME’s?

Every month, over 200,000 small business open in the UK. Which means the need for an accountant is growing in demand at a similar rate. When opening a new business, it can be very stressful and busy; however, when it comes to looking after your business accounts, it is not something that can be pushed […]

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Top 4 Financial Trends for SME’s in 2019

Now that we are a month into the new year, 2018 is history. This year, it is expected that we will see a change in the financial trends for small and medium-sized business (SME’s). We will be discussing 2019’s top 4 financial trends for SME’s. At Stonehouse Accountants, we know that one of the most […]

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